Ride for the Cure open thread – did you participate?

by on October 4, 2009
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If you were able to participate in the 2009 Ride for the Cure event in central Iowa, please share a little in the comments section about your experiences – would love to hear from you!

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10 Responses to “Ride for the Cure open thread – did you participate?”
  1. T. Long says:

    We were truly excited about Riding for the Cure but in all honesty the ride besides the horrible weather was disappointing. The organization of the ride seemed to be haphazard at best. The line up of the bikes at the beginning was very well done and went smoothly but things went south from there. The breakfast was from one Salvation Army van- donuts while standing in the wind/ rain. Then there was the issue of 4 porto-pots for 1200 people. The ride to the Speedway was good, it rained off and on but it was still a nice little run. We got there and parked and then there was nothing more to do. No entertainment what-so-ever. (Could have sworn there was supposed to be.) We got to make a loop on the track but we sat in line for 30 minutes to do that. There were supposed to be food vendors- $2.50 for a cup of coffee, $4.25 for a burger, are you kidding me? We made one loop around the track and then went home. I’m sure if the weather had been better the experience would have been less abrasive but it just seemed as though things were not put together well. Maybe next year…..

  2. Corn Dog says:

    T, thanks for talking about the good and bad – there were likely others who noticed the same problems so hopefully those will be addressed for next time!
    ~ Janet/Corn Dog

  3. DJ says:

    Totally agree! It was not near as fun as last year….I understood there would be vendors, etc. at the speedway, I think I missed the one. It was basically a CF once we got to the speedway. All the bikes were supposed to be parked up top for the human ribbon and ended up down in the pits so everyone had to turn around and try to catch the tram back up to the top. Once the ribbon was done, the volunteers were supposed to grab a slice of sub as we had been out at Prairie Meadows since 6:30 am parking bikes and most of us did not breakaway to eat breakfast as we were helping with parking. That delayed the start on the laps and I too agree, they should have had a box lunch for everyone at that point like they did last year. I was expecting some sort of entertainment, lunch, vendors, etc. and that just wasn’t there. They summoned all the volunteers to an emergency meeting while we were assisting with the speedway laps to tell us they weren’t going to do it the next day. I have no idea why they chose that particular moment to tell us and then never appeared to have announced it to the rest of the participants. The pink affair was set up very nicely but was an uncomfortable mix of people (non bikers) in evening attire and bikers in jeans and tee shirts. A large amount of the live auction items were freebies from the dealerships that we already have. I think they could have done a much better job of getting a larger variety of auction items. The food was just ok. The entertainment was just ok. I heard lots of comments regarding not attending next year. I am sure there was a lot of work put into this but it did not flow like last year and was not near as fun.

  4. L. Trumper says:

    Janet thank you for asking. I have been involved with this event since it began. I believe in anything that may help in the effort to find a cure for cancer. My mother and sister have both died from cancer so I find myself easily involved in this type of event. The ride for the cure is a new event that has all the things in it that I care about. I love to ride and have fun. I like to be involved in events that bring bikers together that show they are a caring and sharing group, that can and do make a difference. The event is still trying to get its feet on the ground, and this year has shown us that it is tuff to do a biker event in Iowa in the fall of the year. It is hard for most people to commit to the event in case it is to cold, to rainy, or both. To tell you the truth I am the same way . I believe The Ride for the cure is bigger than just a ride or making money, the fact is I believe it is more for helping to make all genders aware that early detection for any type of cancer is essential to surviving, I was totally shocked to see so many biker brave the cold wet windy weather, I am sure we had just under 400 bikes on the ride this year. Thank you all so much. What I hope for is that the decisions that were made on Saturday to close the event for Sunday not take away from the ride. So many people worked hard to ensure the ride was safe and fun. It is my hope that next year we can accommate any weather issues with events that both volunteers and participants can enjoy. To do all the things that accomplishes the following: To let people feel like they have helped remember a lost one, to help a survivor with the support to carry on their fight for survival, to encourage even one person to be screened as early detection can be that persons cure , to ride, to have fun, to feel a togetherness from volunteering for a good cause, to give what you can and expect a warm heart for what you give. I personaly had a great time on the ride this year and I hope we saved one life, or gave hope to another. I had time on the ride to reflect on my life as I looked forward along the rolling hills of Iowa, full of bikes as far as you could see forward and rear. The sound was allways what I have loved about riding, and good friends to share it with. Yet on the ride I felt the closness of my Mom and Sis just as I did last year – I love you both – hope we have made a differance.

  5. Janna E says:

    I was one of many vendors who donated items – but also provided services at a negotiated rate to cover my labor costs on some services. As I have heard from a number of other vendors involved – the coordinator of the event (name removed – Ed.) left many people high and dry including her staff. I don’t expect that this event will even be on the calendar for next year or beyond. Great cause – very poorly executed . . .

  6. Corn Dog says:

    Thanks to all who continue to comment – Janna, it’s interesting to hear from your perspective. I did remove the individual’s name you mentioned – I’ll be happy to send you an email with my thinking on that if you like. But, I wanted you to know I appreciate you leaving your comments.

  7. rcknrllmom says:

    I didn’t get to the event last year because of other things going on, had planned on it this year, but if you go to the website, it no longer exists, neither does the store and they are closing down the facebook page. No explanation. I did order from the store and had all kinds of problems….funny how shirts paid for never showed up , twice. I had to send NUMEROUS emails to even get them. Too bad for it all…its a great cause and could have been an incredible event.

  8. Hmmm… sounds like it’s time for an investigative report! Thanks for the update, I didn’t realize it was going away. I’ll try to find out what’s up!

    Janet/Corn Dog

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