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by on June 23, 2007
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First, a couple of old questions answered:
1. Scooter.
2. Rizzo on the shirt, Corn Dog elsewhere.

Next, a link: If you aren’t yet a biker chick but you think you might want to become one, check out the “Garage Parties” held for women by many Harley Davidson dealerships across the country. There’s a news release currently on PRnewswire that’s available to be picked up in publications everywhere. Look for it perhaps in your local newspaper. Or save time and just read it here.

And finally, while researching a post for my other blog I came across a website for a swing dancing club in Des Moines (my home city). I read this post about the importance of practice, and realized how universal the advice in it really was. The Cliff Notes version is that practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but it does make permanence. So it’s important to practice things (i.e., new physical skills) correctly.

Biker Chick Buzz: Hollie in Iowa

by on June 15, 2007
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hollie in iowa

bee buzzHollie riding pillion with Kristin lasted about 2 weeks into the riding season. Once she got a taste of learning to ride that Sporty 1200, she was determined to ride her own. Within a week she had a learner’s permit and this awesome 1983 Yamaha 750 Midnight Special Virago.

More good reading

by on June 10, 2007
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Here’s a nice piece about women riders that ran this past week in my hometown daily, the The Des Moines Register:
Iowa Mamas Open Throttle

And, a great piece about an awesome biker chick in Appleton, WI:
Harley Rumble Lures Neenah Administrator

Biker Chick Buzz: Ronda of California

by on June 3, 2007
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ronda of california 

bee buzzRonda of Clovis, CA began her riding journey in December, 2006, when she learned to ride at age 55. She passed the MSF course in March, 2007 and had purchased this ’07 Honda Aero 750 just prior to taking the class. The bike “just felt right,” she reports. This photo shows Ronda on her first long trip after getting her license. She notes that California offers tremendous geographic diversity for riding adventures, including desert, mountains, valley and oceanside highways. Congratulations on your achievement and on the Honda purchase!