Quick rides, April 2005

by on April 30, 2005
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Been buzzing around a little, mostly down to visit Garry and Shirley… Garry’s been converting his HD Night Train into a Heritage Softail, and he’s building a Yamaha chopper; and, Shirley is learning to ride and just bought a used Yamaha 250 Virago – it’s a great-looking bike and lightweight; she hasn’t ridden her own for maybe 40 years, so she’s starting from scratch to learn to ride. Another short hop is over to Porky’s BBQ for Thursday “bike night” and Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast. No big adventures on the bike yet this year, although I did have a flat tire in the garage the other day (grrr – $$)… I think we need to plan a day- or weekend-trip. As far as mods, I tried an easy-clutch-type product and it didn’t fit very well on my bike, have decided I don’t need it anyway as I’ve gotten used to the clutch tension already. Buckhorn bars arrived andgot installed a few weeks ago – they are AWESOME! This was an HD kit that came with the cables and all… changed the look of the bike and boy do they fit me a lot better!

2005 miscellaneous posts

by on April 5, 2005
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April 5 – No More Honda
A sniffle and a tear watching the Honda 750 roll out the driveway; sorry to see it go, but… I got what I wanted for it so, as they say, “onward and upward.” Buckhorn bars successfully installed on the Sporty – WOW did that improve the riding position considerably! Trying to install a device to make the clutch easier to pull in, but it’s not fitting exactly right and I may just forego it altogether – Steve lubed the clutch when he was putting on the new bars and now it’s not as bad as it was anyway. Still to come for the Sporty: various chromey bits, shorter kickstand, better saddle bags, better windshield, Kuryakyn ISO Grips… hmmm I think that’s about it.