I REALLY Heart Site Visitors! Traffic is growing…

by on January 22, 2007
in Site News

janet in boot hill parking logWell this is what I get for not checking in here more often… I totally missed the fact that Biker Chick News had an incredible traffic spike in the month of November – over 8,300 visitors!! In addition to my concerted efforts to improve search engine rankings, and the popularity of my Sturgis photo galleries, it looks like the site was picked up by a service called Stumbleupon – as in, www.stumbleupon.com. I haven’t quite figured out how that site works yet, but it looks like a fun tool for casual web surfing so I’m going to check it out. Anyway, here’s a lesson for all of you who maintain websites: I should be providing fresh content every week so my regular visitors and those folks who do “stumble upon” this site will notice a reason to come back. Although I missed the opportunity to impress those stumbleupon visitors with my “freshness,” I would like to tell them THANKS for checking out Biker Chick News! And I’d like to note that a more normal month of traffic for this site is now up to nearly 6,000 visits a month – I think that’s INCREDIBLE, and I thank you for visiting, reading, and looking at pictures!

I Heart Site Visitors

by on August 24, 2006
in Site News

site visitors graphicWOW, this site has achieved some nice milestones in the past couple of months. Back in May we broke the 1,500 visits per month mark, and now for June and July total visits have been over 2,300 per month – that’s awesome and I really do thank all the wonderful folks who stop in here to read my ramblings and peruse the pictures. Y’all are SWEET!! I’m also excited to note that, due to my efforts to optimize the site for search engines (while not CHEATING said search engines!), the site now appears in the TOP TEN GOOGLE RESULTS for two very popular search phrases. That’s FIRST PAGE Google results, out of over 900,000 possible site matches for those particular search phrases! (A picture of yours truly also comes up on page one of certain Google Image searches!) Anyway, just wanted to say THANKS for stopping by! I will try to keep updating on a regular basis so there’s always something new to come back for!

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