A visit to the haunted Mt. Hope Cemetery

by on August 26, 2009
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I’ve been hearing a lot of great stories from readers lately, and now that the Sturgis reporting is done I’d like to share a bunch of them with you! Awhile back, after we rode over to Tama to see the Lincoln Highway Bridge, my friend Shirley and I tossed around the idea of visiting the Villisca Murder House. That prompted a note from Ann B., who recommended a book called The Iowa Road Guide to Haunted Locations, and related this story about her recent adventure near Madrid:

“(At the) Mt. Hope Cemetery in Madrid… a ghost of a young girl will follow you around and an unknown child’s voice can be heard coming from the gravestones. So a few weeks ago my husband Terry and our friends Dan and Deb decided we would go there and the Kate Shelley Bridge in Boone (where there is) supposed to be a dim lantern floating along the tracks.  So our first stop was the cemetery. We all got off our bikes and kind of headed in different directions looking at stones when I heard in the distance a woman’s voice but I couldn’t tell what she was saying. I looked around and we are the only ones in the cemetery. Then I hear it again. This time I see my husband making a beeline to a big Armed Forces Memorial so I head in his direction. He has a really weird look on his face so I ask him what is up.  He looks at me rather sheepishly and says he’s heard a woman’s voice and he thought maybe the memorial had a recorded announcement. (Which it didn’t.) Then we both hear the woman’s voice but again with all the traffic noise you can’t hear what she is saying. About this time Dan and Deb have headed our way and they have heard the voice also.  So we are all standing there trying to figure out where it is coming from when all of a sudden there is no traffic and plain as day we here a woman’s voice.  It was an auctioneer from a farm to the west of the cemetery using a loudspeaker!! We were all laughing so hard we could hardly get back on the bikes! Later I asked my husband why he hadn’t said anything the first time he heard the voice and his comment was ‘I wasn’t going to be the only one hearing voices!'”

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5 Responses to “A visit to the haunted Mt. Hope Cemetery”
  1. wendyvee says:

    LOL … that’s classic! Love it!!

  2. Jovita says:

    Maybe your next trip to the cemetery should be at night…
    Great story, that is too funny :)

  3. Doug says:

    Terry alwaays was in his own zip code!!!!!!

  4. Glenn Case says:

    My mother and father are buried at the Mt. Hope Cemetery. When I was there last, I did get the funny feeing someone was there beyond my wife and I. I just thought it was my folks saying, “hi.”

    Need to visit there again.

  5. Kelsey Havlik says:

    Go there at night. Supposedly, you can see a little girl figure at a certain time and can feel someone tugging at your clothes.

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