Q & A: Best advice for beginners?

by on December 29, 2005
in Beginning Riders

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What’s your best advice for a woman wanting to learn to ride her own motorcycle?

Here are the top five things I learned in two years of riding. You can learn these same things in a lot less time if you take MSF safety course rather than “learning by doing.”

  1. If you apply your front brakes during a slow-speed turn, the bike will go down. Guaranteed. Both my drops occurred because I didn’t internalize this rule.
  2. Look where you want the bike to go. If you stare at an obstacle, you’ll ride right into it. Guaranteed.
  3. Don’t let your spouse, significant other, or child be your first passenger. Practice with an experienced, willing passenger first.
  4. There IS a reason why the safety courses teach and test you on slow-speed maneuvers. Know your friction zone for maximum slow-speed control, and practice your tight turns and figure 8’s. You’ll use these skills more often than you think.
  5. Assume that cross- and oncoming traffic doesn’t see you. Assume those that do see you, want to kill you. Always scan the road 10-12 seconds ahead to spot potential dangers in time to react.

Update 2007: Read my “No B.S. Guide for Beginners.”

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One Response to “Q & A: Best advice for beginners?”
  1. Tail says:

    I prefer a Harley and a Sportster is a great fit for most women. It can easily be slammed down and everything is within safe reach, furthermore it is more weigh compatible thus making it easier to manuever.

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