50,000 watts of Corn Dog! Listen Sunday, June 28!

by on June 26, 2015
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This Sunday, June 28, I have an amazing opportunity: I’m going to be the guest on “Sportsman’s Notebook,” a Sunday morning program on 1040-WHO Radio! My Iowa friends and followers will know two things: 1 – The host of the program, Keith Kirkpatrick, is an Iowa Treasure, having been an on-air personality at WHO Radio for more than six decades. And 2 – WHO Radio is the premier talk and news radio station in Iowa. It’s signal reaches far and wide across the country – and did so even in the days before the internet. Keith tells me his show normally focuses on hunting and fishing in Iowa, but he saw my presentation at Edgewater back in May and invited me on because he could tell I was enjoying the beauty and bounty of Iowa in my own way and wanted to showcase it. I am THRILLED – we will be talking about riding and enjoying Iowa by motorcycle, my e-book “GET ON,” and much more! You should be able to listen LIVE at iHeartRadio or the WHO Radio website itself at http://www.whoradio.com/main.html.



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2 Responses to “50,000 watts of Corn Dog! Listen Sunday, June 28!”
  1. Sash Walker says:

    Oh what a bummer that I missed this Janet!! Ugh!!
    This is one of the things about being on the road that I really despise. I miss so much because there aren’t enough hours in the day.
    I hope it went well.
    Sash – The Rude Biker Chick
    See Sash Videos!

  2. MyMotoParts says:

    Ohhh, I missed this

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