Twitter’s not just for Congressmen anymore

by on July 23, 2011
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Much like Rep. Anthony Weiner, I find Twitter a lot harder to manage than Facebook. I’m very selective about who I follow, because I’ve found that some folks can really clog up the ol’ newsfeed with useless spammy crap and/or general impropriety.

But, I still want to be able to catch the occasional comment from someone outside my normal universe if they’re talking about a subject that interests me, and it’s here where Twitter has the advantage. With Twitter, I can simply subscribe to a custom feed made up of tweets that include the words “woman” and “motorcycle,” without having to actually follow every Tom, Dick or Congressman out there.

This is a double-edged sword – primarily, the feed is made up of tragic headlines (i.e., “Woman killed in motorcycle wreck…” “Woman thrown from motorcycle…” etc etc). But there are also enough amusing gems out there that make it worthwhile.

So here, I’ve decided to round up a few bits of “wisdom” about women on motorcycles, as posted on Twitter – a snapshot-in-time, if you will, of what folks really think about women who ride.

Some people immediately see the sex appeal of a woman riding a motorcycle:

Some are flat-out inspired:

And some just don’t get it yet:

Sometimes they take note when we do stupid things:

Apparently, some are in total denial about the new reality:

And, some see it but are really uncomfortable with it:

And some (and this is my favorite), know when it’s time to just accept their fate for what it is:

So how about you – are you one of the Twitterati? Find me, and let’s tweet!

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3 Responses to “Twitter’s not just for Congressmen anymore”
  1. Sienna says:

    I am equally frustrated with Twitter and Facebook and use both.

    , I can simply subscribe to a custom feed made up of tweets that include the words “woman” and “motorcycle,” without having to actually follow every Tom, Dick or Congressman out there.

    I can’t figure out how to do this though. Help :)

    BTW enjoy your tweets and your blog.


  2. Corn Dog says:

    Hi Sienna – do you use a “feed reader” for RSS feeds, such as Google Reader? If so, just go to and in the search box, type in the words woman and motorcycle. (Just type them next to each other, separated by a space. No need for quote marks or anything.) Click the “Search” button.

    You can browse the page of results from here, but what I did was click on the “Feed for this query” link over on the top right of the results page. I then was able to subscribe to that feed in my Google Reader by clicking the “Subscribe to this feed using…” link/button. Since I already use Google Reader to subscribe to various blogs, I can scan through the Tweets as well because the feed automatically updates when new tweets using my search words are added. It’s like following an individual, only you’re following search words! Of course you can use this method for any search word or phrase that you want to “follow” on Twitter.

    If you don’t use an RSS Feed Reader, you can still browse by simply bookmarking the page and typing in your chosen search words each time you visit.

    Quick warning, some tweets are VERY rude/crude/not safe for work!

    Hope this helps – if you need any other “Twitter tips” let me know… I like the service and use it often – it’s just very easy to get over-run with suspicious/spammy followers (which I try to block).

  3. Sienna says:

    Thank you!! It would have taken a while for me to figure that out. :)

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