Holy crap, it’s been HOT!

by on July 8, 2012
in Iowa Rides

Well June was pretty much a bust for riding – the weather has really been an issue. As I finish up this post it’s July 8 and the record-setting heatwave finally broke last night. For the past few weeks we’ve had unseasonably high temperatures in the mid- to upper 90’s and humidity pushing it over 100 nearly every day. This is quite unusual for June – usually that’s the month where the riding season hits its stride here in Iowa. This year, it was mostly a month to stay indoors and try to keep cool.

We did have one really nice Saturday on the bikes mid-month (obviously I am a little behind in posting about it!).

I had wanted to take a day-ride that day, but we didn’t plan far enough in advance so we decided to hit the Big Barn Open House instead. We met up with Garry and Shirley, and turns out they had come up with Garry’s son Mike and his girlfriend Tina, and their friends Charlie and Rita.

We poked around Big Barn for awhile and enjoyed the free lunch, then decided to take an extended “up around the lake” ride including the Madrid loop.

This is an easy ride with a very nice route. It takes us up the backside of Saylorville Lake with its lovely homes, across the Mile Bridge (boy the lake is LOW this year!), and up to the small town of Madrid, where we made a potty-and-beverage stop. Everyone noted the killer shrub that we had encountered in the middle of the road a few miles back (what IS IT with stuff in the road this year??) – fortunately we all got around it without being attacked.

We left Madrid going east on Highway 210, then south through the tiny town of Sheldahl and back into Polk City north of Saylorville. Stopped at the Saylorville spillway where the dammed-up lake is control-fed out into the Des Moines river. From there we took a round-about route through Johnston and down into Des Moines where we stopped at Sambetti’s for a beverage before heading home.

Although it wasn’t the epic day-ride I’d been hoping to take, it turned out to be a great afternoon anyway because of the new riding friends and of course the Iowa scenery. The next couple of weekends would turn out to be occupied with an out-of-state funeral and then the Good Guys Heartland Nationals hot rod show, all in the middle of a record-setting heat-wave.

The heat, fortunately, has broken at least for the moment – but it has felt more like August than June, so my internal “calendar” is a little off. We took a neat ride today that I’ll post about soon!

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4 Responses to “Holy crap, it’s been HOT!”
  1. Pam says:

    Here in Minnesota we’ve had that same heat-wave so I haven’t gotten to ride much either! Trying not to complain because cold weather will be here soon enough. Here’s to riding weather for both of us!

  2. Trobairitz says:

    Great pictures. I am glad you were able to get out and do a day ride.

    I hope the heat stays down for a while so you can get some more riding in. Fingers crossed for normal temperatures and no more inferno.

  3. Shirley says:

    This was indeed a great ride and I truly hated having to miss the next one but glad that hubby got to enjoy the day. Look forward to the post

  4. Corn Dog says:

    Pam and T – sorry for my late response to your comments, somehow they ended up in the spam filter so I had to fish them out. Glad I did, thank you as always for reading and writing!! How’s the weather now where you are? A few weeks later and it’s been crazy-hot again here, but this week only low- to mid-90’s so I’m goin’ for it :) Even have a few days off from work to enjoy it!

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