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by on April 22, 2012
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cool picture of kitten's chromeWhat a crazy Spring! We had a very mild winter here in Iowa, with very little snow and unseasonably warm temps throughout the season. Now in April, though, things have cooled off and I suppose with temps in the 50’s and frequent rain we are back to what’s normal for this time of year. This has been frustrating – it was great to take a few short jaunts back in March, but these days it seems the weather is not really cooperating. We did take a nice scenic loop down to Winterset and back a few weeks ago, and attended the Christian Motorcycle Association chili feed up at Big Barn is mid-April. But we did not ride up for the bike blessing that accompanied the chili feed. We will have to try again to get blessed on May 12, down at Route 65 HD in Indianola.

Also, the first Indianola Bike Night has come and gone – it didn’t get canceled, but we didn’t attend due to the cool temperatures. (If anyone ever calls me a wimp over these decisions, I always respond with: “Hey, I rode to Sturgis and back on an 883 Sportster, so… ha!”) Attendance was light, I’m told, but no less enthusiastic.

All this falls into the category of “just as well,” anyway, because we are in the midst of “Senior Year” here in our household and our non-riding life is quite busy right now. Yes, my beautiful daughter is about to graduate high school, so it’s going to be a tearful (and joyful) six months as she passes this milestone and heads off to college.

Finally, a couple quick shout-outs to my gal pals… Shirley – welcome home! Shirley and Garry are back from wintering in Texas, though I’m not sure we didn’t have nearly-comparable weather here this year. And Janet – congratulations! Janet successfully completed her 4th Dan test in TaeKwonDo, following a rigorous training period to which her commitment was just as impressive as her outstanding performance in the test itself.

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4 Responses to “This and that – April update”
  1. Pam says:

    I so understand the weather dilemma! Spring brought an early warm and now rainy and cold here in Minnesota. Its been hard to be patient now that I have my own bike so hubs and I can ride together.

  2. Pam – congrats on the new bike! This weather is SO frustrating, even moreso when one works all week and lives for the weekends, and then the weekends turn off rainy while the work week is beautiful! Thanks for reading and commenting, I’m enjoying the lady biker profiles over on your blog!

  3. Lee Prouten/Whyswomen says:

    I did my first long distance ride 2 years ago – the North-of-Superior route leading to a circuit of the Great Lakes…the first day was great, the next 3 were continuous rain, and lots of fog…Then last year, I was at a rally near Thunder Bay ON, and heard this old saw, reworked:

    “Red sky at night – riding’s allright!!!
    Red sky in morning – Suck it up, wuss, and get riding”

    Certainly it is a delight to ride on a picturesque big blue sky kinda day…but if your passion is riding, any day there is not snow/ice on the ground is a good day for riding…

    Cheers from Winnipeg

  4. dispatcher Janet says:

    Thanks for the shout out Corn Dog!! Although I am a very proud black belt, I’m excited it is over … so I can have more time to ride!!!

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