A neat guest-blogging opportunity (thanks Allstate!)

by on October 16, 2011
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I do have a couple of really neat rides to report on… more on those soon, but first a little horn-tooting if I may.

I was recently offered the opportunity to write a guest post for the Allstate GoodHands Community website. They invited me to submit several topics for consideration, centered around motorcycling from a female perspective. My best thought – and I’m glad they picked this one – was to round up a little info on some of the community organizations that female riders support through rides and bike-centered activities.

Here’s the post, which specifically mentions a few of the efforts I’m familiar with. If you’re a woman who rides and you are involved in supporting a community organization or cause that speaks to your heart, I encourage you to leave a comment on the Allstate site mentioning your event or cause. I would love to make it an even bigger “round-up” of ideas, and I really do thank Allstate for the opportunity to contribute to their site!

Disclaimer: In exchange for researching and writing the article linked above, Allstate compensated me via cash payment. Groups and causes mentioned in my article did not pay to be included; they were included solely at my discretion.

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4 Responses to “A neat guest-blogging opportunity (thanks Allstate!)”
  1. Tim says:

    Great article Janet!! Kudos

  2. Corn Dog says:

    Thanks, Tim – appreciate you clicking through to read it!

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