Mustang introduces LowDown seat

by on May 17, 2011
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You’re not expected to remember this, but a long time ago I ran the Picky Bitch with a Mustang solo seat. The rider’s backrest was a life-saver on the 2006 ride to Sturgis as well as the Estrogen Ride, but the trade-off was that the seat sat me an inch or so higher on the bike, and I was no longer flat-footed.

It looks like Mustang is beginning to address this problem with the new “Lowdown” seat, which sits a full 1.5 inches lower and has a narrower “nose.” This is a great feature for comfort and safety – I can tell you my Sportster solo seat would have been absolutely perfect if it had been a skosh lower. (Just look at all that down-in goodness!) The Lowdown is currently available in plain or studded finishes, with or without driver backrest, for the Harley Davidson touring line.

I asked the folks at Mustang what their plans were for the Lowdown – they told me they’ve only been offering it for a couple months and that there are currently no plans to expand it to the Sportster or other HD lines. (But, guys, you should totally think about it! I would’ve killed for this seat … well not literally, but, you know… when I had my 883!)

Hat tip to the venerable Cyril Huze Blog for alerting me to this new development! Photo of Lowdown seat snagged from Mustang website.

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2 Responses to “Mustang introduces LowDown seat”
  1. Froggi Donna says:

    They are totally missing the boat by not producing a line for at least the newer Sportsters. I tried the Mustang seat at Bike Week and on my Superlow it put me on the balls of my feet. I ended up getting custom work done. If this had been available for my bike, I would probably have gone with it instead.

  2. Jovita says:

    I have a Mustang seat on my Low Rider and love it, too they didn’t have this one available… I now have to purchase boots with a more heal to reach the ground safely.

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