I bought a new bike!

by on July 22, 2009
in Bikes I've Owned

And *snap,* just like that, I’m the proud owner of a new bike! Here’s my gleaming new-to-me 2007 HD Sportster 1200 Custom! Couple of changes that have to happen QUICK – need to put the stock handlebars back on it (these drag bars are RIDICULOUSLY narrow and too far forward), and it needs a windshield. But, this bike is FUN, and gorgeous.

‘Course, that means my 883 will soon be for sale so watch this space for complete info. WOOHOO!

Update 1, 7/22/09: Handlebars totally fixed and COOL now thanks to Steve and Garry… also added the windshield off the 883 AND Kristin gave me a nice luggage rack to put on so I’ve got something to hook my T-bag to. Took a nice evening solo ride to get some bonding time – funny, she’s a little sluggy at slower speeds (think that’s because someone put Vance & Hines pipes on her but didn’t do any re-mapping to account for them) but on the highway, she’s zippy and nimble, and rides smooth. 

Update 2, 7/23/09: Here’s a fun bit of minutia – I found the post on this blog where I announced the purchase of The Picky Bitch, and sharing my first impressions of her. Of the problems I mentioned, we never did do anything about the clutch and with regular use it got easier for me to pull.  And of course, I put buckhorn bars on it shortly after I bought it and rode those for a couple years, then had mini-apes put on it in 2007 and rode those for two years. The one thing I noticed that didn’t “hold up” from my original post was the notion of not needing a sixth gear. The bike didn’t feel strained at 60 mph, but at 75 (going across I-90 in South Dakota) I did wish for one more gear. Certainly not a problem, just something I noticed.  Kind of neat to have all this “history” recorded to look back on!

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10 Responses to “I bought a new bike!”
  1. Jovita says:

    Congratulations on your new ride. Is is black or do I see a bit of green?
    Nice shiny chrome.

    Have a great day and ride safe. :)

  2. Janet says:

    Jovi, it’s all black – thanks for reading!

  3. kathy says:


    Congrats on your new ride.

  4. That’s awesome! Congrats Janet on your beautiful new baby!!!

  5. May you have many fabulous miles together. :-)

  6. Janet says:

    Hey gals, thank you all!

  7. Carole says:

    I’m happy for you, Janet & thought I saw you at the Barn sitting on bikes! Guess you weren’t “just looking”! Ride safe!

  8. Shirley says:

    Love the new bike and seeing the exitement on your face when introduced to “her”!

  9. just a note on the six speed. The six speeds give you more flexibility at midgear….Not lugging at certian cruising speeds
    The sixth gear on a sporty is still a one to one ratio…meaning, its not a true overdrive…like some ‘bigtwins’ have.
    Glad you stopped by my site…and I hope you come again.
    Look in older post’s for ‘Little Jimmy’ “The Rider’ Etc..
    I think you’ll love them
    Big D caveman
    B.A.C.A Member
    Maricopa AZ.

  10. Corn Dog says:

    Big D, thanks for the info… what I’ve figured out is that if I ride the bike at the upper end of a lower gear (meaning top end of second, for example) it smooths right out and runs great. On my 883, I could run at the bottom range of a gear and be good. ‘Course, at highway speed is where I’m having the most fun anyway, but through town it helps to have figured out that I need to be at the upper end of the gear.

    Your site’s terrific, by the way – your “giving the finger” story is laugh-out-loud hilarious. I’m going to do a post soon linking to some of the “Biker Dude” sites I’ve found recently, including yours.

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