Riders travel to Freedom Rock to honor veterans

by on May 20, 2009
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Weather’s been beautiful here during the work week but crappy on the weekends, so I haven’t been out on the bike for awhile. But, Cassie took the opportunity to ride to Freedom Rock near Greenfield on Monday, May 18. The group traveled over to meet the riders who are heading from the west coast to The Wall in Washington, DC in honor of Viet Nam veterans. (I think I’m going to have to make Cassie an official “stringer” for Biker Chick News – she takes a lot of great pictures and she manages to make the rides I usually miss!)

Freedom Rock is a large boulder situated on Highway 25 just north of Greenfield, Iowa. Each year, artist Ray Sorensen paints a veteran-themed collage on the rock to recognize US veterans.

That’s Ray in the white sweatshirt.

Here’s a great-looking “rat bike” full of memorabilia – the riders also stopped at the veterans’ cemetery in Marshalltown, Iowa.

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5 Responses to “Riders travel to Freedom Rock to honor veterans”
  1. Jim Estes says:

    I would love to have you write a monthly article for our website for, and about, women who ride. Check out the website and see if you would be interested.



  2. Janet says:

    Jim, hey thanks for reading! I dropped you a note via email and am checking out the site.

  3. wendyvee says:

    I guess that they’re headed to Rolling Thunder? We’re supposed to go on Sunday too :)

  4. BikerChick says:

    Wendy, yes there two groups here – the one group is made up of riders going cross-country from west to east coast, participating in Rolling Thunder. The local group got together to ride over to the Rock to meet up with them and show support, and accompany them to the cemetery. I wish I could have gone along!

  5. Sean McFarlin says:

    Hey, great story. Next time you are in Marshalltown, stop by the Coppertop Lounge on Main Street. Great bar and lots of bikers including behind the bar!

    Some of us are planning a R.A.W. ride (long overnighter) across Iowa this summer, maybe freedom rock will be a stop!

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