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by on December 26, 2008
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As a blogger, I pay some attention to the number of visitors that come to this site.  Biker Chick News started the year with just over 13,000 visitors in January, peaked at just over 20,000 in October (that’s a record!) and will end the year with about 18,300 in December.

Some of those folks, of course, check in regularly – either through Favorites bookmarked in their browsers or by subscribing to my RSS feed. I really do thank each of you who come to this site again and again!

One of the other things I can learn from my traffic reports is which words and phrases visitors typed into the search engines to get here. Because this blog is focused on motorcycling, the search terms normally aren’t too surprising – every month there are myriad variations on the ‘biker chick’ phrase, including “biker chicks,” “sturgis biker chicks,” etc.  As August approaches, I begin to see the phrases “Sturgis pics” and “Sturgis Bike rally” appear in my results. And, each month there are usually a few readers who got here having searched for “sportster ape hangers” – apparently that’s something that needs a little research before making a final decision!

There are sometimes unusual phrases too, phrases that have nothing overtly to do with motorcycling, but that happen to be reflected in something I’ve written. I always wonder what people think who come here having searched for “Alton Brown,” the Food Network host. But by far my favorite of the many search phrases that appeared in my traffic reports this year was this:

“Big Nuts.”

This phrase appeared not once, not twice, but several times over the course of the year, in several different months. I’m not sure if people were looking for guys with big nuts, or those fake big nuts you can hang from the back of your car, or what.  But I certainly know which article people find when they come here looking for “big nuts,” and since it’s one of my favorite rides, I’m okay with that!

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2 Responses to “BCN: The Big Nuts Blog”
  1. Some times A person types in a search phrase and gets directed to a webpage that is indexed for the search phrase. The page might be about big nuts for instance. But the page about big nuts might have a link on it that points to your website. so if the person clicks the link in the webpage about big nuts it will appear in your traffic report as a search string, big nuts. It happens all of the time.

  2. i was wondering about this stuff. i am the author of a new book, Wicked Bitch, and contributing author to Biker Chicks by Veno and Winterhalder. I had contacted Biker Chick News about maybe running a story on book. I also check google and yahoo periodically for articles about my book to post on my blog… i found 2 links on the big nuts thing about my book, and one led here. it said there were 108 comments here and 122 there… i can’t find an article here, and if there IS one i would like to post it on MY blog so friends can come read it, and i would also like to respond to comments or questions pertaining to my books. its very weird, really. there is another one, and it says i have ne, but when u click on anything, it goes to flicker, and its the same way there. if anyone DID run a story about me, thanks, and any of ya’ll feel free to contact me at or i think biker chick news is a cool site from what i see of it, love the bird. :) let me know if you or your fans would like to link to my pages, us wind sisters have to stick together.

    much love and respect…

    amy white
    author of Wicked Bitch
    freelance journalist, contributing to Easyriders, In the Wind, Biker and V-Twin
    contributing author, Biker Chicks

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