First ride of 2008!

by on March 29, 2008
in Winter

corn dog and picky bitch in the driveway

Took me a few days to get it posted to the blog, but I did get to go on a very short ride on… hmmm, think it was Monday of this past week. Just a couple miles, but had to get out as it was really nice out and I hadn’t had a chance to test out my new pullback risers that we added to the ape hanger handlebars a few weeks ago. One of these days soon I’ll pull the bike out into the driveway and take pictures of all the goodies that got added this winter – the bike doesn’t look drastically different from 10 feet away, but the details are sure looking good!

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14 Responses to “First ride of 2008!”
  1. J & B says:

    Brandi and I have been looking thru your site and think you are doing a great job. We are new to Des Moines, from seattle, and was wondering if you can make a section reviewing the bike nights and biker friendly places to eat/drink and what not. It would help us new to town know what to do here. Thanks

  2. Val says:

    Where’d you get your jacket? I keep looking and having trouble finding one.

  3. Looking good Janet! I’m so glad it’s finally Spring! YAY!!! Hope to see you on the road!

    Stephanie aka IowaHarleyGirl’s last blog post..Motorcycle Events of Interest

  4. J&B – hey welcome to Des Moines! One of my favorite Bike Nights is in Indianola, about 25 miles south of here… it’s every third Friday of the month beginning in April – it’s a nice ride down and back, and HUNDREDS of bikes gathered on The Square in Indianola. Food, vendors, live music… good time! Also, Thursday nights here in Des Moines… there has been a pair of bike nights right down the street from each other on Thursday nights, Porky’s and Plaza Lanes both on Douglas Avenue. Porky’s is supposed to be closing some time soon, but I assume Plaza Lanes will be continuing. There are bike nights most every night of the week, I think… maybe I can find a list somewhere… if I do, I’ll post it!

    Thanks for reading – c’mon back any time!
    ~ Janet

    Janet (Biker Chick)’s last blog post..First ride of 2008!

  5. Val, I bought my jacket on the clearance rack at Zylstra HD up in Ames last fall… I think it’s a 2006 model – LOL. You may not be a plus-size gal like me… I am finding that HD’s size 3W usually fits me. Other leathers tend to run small… the stuff I tried on in Sturgis was outrageously small – I had to buy a 5X vest!! ~ Janet

    Janet (Biker Chick)’s last blog post..First ride of 2008!

  6. Stephanie – hey thanks! We actually got to go on a real ride today… about 60 miles! It was a little chilly – LOL – see you soon… oh, YES I owe you an email! Doing that next! LOL ~ Janet

    Janet (Biker Chick)’s last blog post..First ride of 2008!

  7. Cassie says:

    Hi J&B and Janet

    Struthers Brothers is having there open house on April 12th and they will be having dinner rides the 1st and 3rd Saturday starting in May. Not sure on the times as they said they are having magnets to put on your fridge, on the dates and times and will have them available during there open house. They are located on 2nd ave just north of interstate 35 & 80. Also just north of the Big Barn.. Hope to meet you out biking sometime..


  8. Becky says:

    Love the ape hangers! You’re bike is looking good!


    Becky’s last blog post..The Dreaded Kawasaki Vulcan Recall

  9. Holly says:

    Hey Biker Chick! You’re looking mighty spiffy on your red bike with your red boots!! You’ve really got it going on! Haven’t had a chance to get RRRITA out on the road yet but we did get the bikes moved from the back garage to the front garage! So, we’re quite a bit closer to the road!!!

  10. Holly says:

    Val – I got the same coat as Janet up in Sauk Prairie last fall on clearance. In fact, we bought them both on the same weekend!

  11. Val says:

    I have a “dress leather” jacket which is fine for cutting the wind but would never be much protection. I wear a 32 W and am shaped like a triaqngle, so when I try on jackets they never fit right. By the time the gut fits the shoulders would be roomy on a linebacker. Is the jacket you ladies bought a HD brand? (I own a Honda so don’t want opposing logos, lol). Call me vain. I managed my first ride a couple weeks ago at 38 degres, one chilly hour but boy did it feel good.

  12. Holly says:

    Val – Yes, it is a Harley jacket. It has Harley Davidson in studs on the back.

  13. Val, I hear you on the jacket-fitting issues… I have similar problems and to be honest, I’m not sure why this one fits me as well as it does. Prior to this, my leather jacket was a bomber-style coat that I got at a Walgreens Drug store. I customized it by putting a really cool HD patch on the back. It was a men’s cut, but it fit well too. I had a Honda Shadow a few years ago and I did used to wear my HD boots, but the logo wasn’t prominent so I didn’t feel too conspicuous. I was always disappointed that Honda didn’t make any branded gear that wasn’t racing-styled. You might try a website called Hot Leathers – I bought a vest from them out in Sturgis in 06 and it fits well, but it’s a 5X – LOL… is another one. Good luck in your search!

    Holly… hey RRRITA will be out on the road before you know it… have you seen how the sand is piling up in the MIDDLE of the roads though?? It’s really scary-looking!! Hey if you think I’M lookin’ spiffy, you should see the Picky Bitch! She got some new chromey bits this winter and she really sparkles! See ya soon!


    Janet (Biker Chick)’s last blog post..… And finally, a REAL ride!

  14. Becky, thanks! I think we have resolved the “fit” issues with the ape hanger handle bars too, so she not only looks good, she fits great again too!

    Janet (Biker Chick)’s last blog post..… And finally, a REAL ride!

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