Almost 60 today…

by on March 2, 2008
in Winter

… but  we couldn’t ride… the first picture below shows what’s at the end of our driveway – an 8-foot wide swath of ice! This end of our yard and driveway are not in the sun, so they won’t be clear until probably late April! (Also, we are getting another winter storm tonight so the whole @#$ yard will be back to ice by tomorrow morning!)

ice at end of driveway

Then, this picture shows the road on the other side of our house. It’s unpaved, and the picture doesn’t even begin to tell the story of how rutted and sloppy it is. So, while we did see a few bikes while we were out and about today, we certainly didn’t get to ride.

oxford street ice and mess

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3 Responses to “Almost 60 today…”
  1. I can’t believe how the weather teased us this weekend. I saw a few bikes too but we didn’t make it out either. I’m so itching to ride it’s driving me nuts. I’ll e-mail you back here someday soon…you’ve e-mailed me a lot of stuff and I need to answer back! :) Keep hoping for Spring!!! It’s got to get here soon!

    Stephanie aka IowaHarleyGirl’s last blog post..This cracked me up!!

  2. BikerChick says:

    Hey Stephanie, thanks for stopping in! No worries on the emails, just keeping you up to date! ~ Janet

  3. Cassie says:

    Hey, don’t let a little ice, snow, and mud keep you from riding.. ha ha… I haven’t even put the battery back in my bike yet, but I am thinking about doing it this week. I didn’t have my bike out Sunday either, as there is to much sand and pot holes out on the roads for me. Looking forward to riding with you all this summer.


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