Last ride of 2007 season, November 4

by on November 6, 2007
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today's riding group at lake ahquabiWe took probably our last ride of the season over the weekend – Sunday was beautiful, sunny with a high in the mid-60’s… so we took a scenic ride with Kristin, Hollie, Howard, Brenda and Cassie down to Indianola and Lake Ahquabi just a few miles south. Fall colors are nearly done (there are still a few really amazing trees here in town, though), and it’s getting dark pretty early what with Daylight Savings Time over… plus it’s the height of lust-crazed deer season and that always makes things interesting – but we had a great day riding with no troubles.

I’ve got a little over 13,000 miles on my bike now – it had 4900 when I bought it. I put the saddlebags back on recently and I’ve got some thoughts for things to do/add over the winter, so we’ll see what the PB looks like come spring.

So what’s in store for the off-season? Oh the usual shopping for chrome, leather, etc. LOL But also, I’ve put my name in the hat to be an officer in the local HOG chapter (new member ambassador – does that sound like me or what??) so I’m looking forward to see if that comes to pass.

I also have lots of blogging fun in store so hang in there with me, just because it’s too cold to ride doesn’t mean the blog goes quiet!

More soon!

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One Response to “Last ride of 2007 season, November 4”
  1. I used to live in Mass., a “nanny state.” There was a helmet law, but in New Hampshire and Connecticut, no such law. Every time I crossed the border, the lid came off.

    Now I live in Florida. No helmet law here. Nevertheless, I wear the lid every time. Why? A combination of factors. First off, I know that if I really want to go for a ride with the helmet off, I can. Its not a special occasion. I’ve started to walk out the door with the helmet off, and thought “eh, what’s the harm in putting it on?”

    Second, I like what’s in my head. I want to keep it in there.

    What I really like is having the freedom to choose. I choose to do what a helmet law would force me to do. I kind of like the way Florida does it… you can go helmetless if you have enough insurance to cover your vegetative medical care, if you dash your brains all over the pavement. Florida’s law makers aren’t usually very bright when it comes to legislation, but this one they got right.

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