Outlaws MC faces indictments in Michigan, Indiana

by on August 16, 2007
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It’d be nice to think that “biker gang” activity is a thing of the past, that the old school gangs are just a bunch of guys who simply want to be free to ride their machines without being hassled by the man. Certainly there are people who adopt the look of the old school MC’s, but who don’t live the lifestyle.

Still, I’m not naive. I know that illegal activity still happens, which is why I try to give “one percenters” a wide berth whenever I take note of their presence: I’m pretty sure they don’t need me hovering around trying to chat them up like we were best biker buddies.

Today the US Department of Justice (USDOJ) announced a string of indictments against Outlaws Motorcycle Club members in Michigan and Indiana. The indictments were the results of “a five-year investigation by the ATF, the FBI, the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), Michigan State Police, the Detroit Police Department, the South Bend (Ind.) Police Department, and the Fort Wayne (Ind.) Police Department,” according to a USDOJ news release.

The release stated:

The 18-count indictment alleges that the Outlaws Motorcycle Club is an enterprise whose members allegedly committed, attempted, and threatened to commit acts of violence to protect and expand the gang’s criminal operations. Several of the defendants were charged with allegedly assaulting various members of the rival Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, in some cases with dangerous weapons including a cane, a hammer, and motorcycle parts. Several defendants allegedly trafficked in the sale of drugs, including methamphetamine, marijuana, hashish and cocaine, while others were charged with various firearms offenses for either being a felon in possession of a handgun, or selling a firearm to a prohibited person. The indictment contains a criminal forfeiture allegation, which sets forth property, vehicles, motorcycles, weapons and currency that was either used to conduct or facilitate illegal activities, or which were proceeds from the Outlaws’ criminal activities.

Here’s a link to the full release about the results of the various federal “operations” that led to the indictments against the Outlaws.

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4 Responses to “Outlaws MC faces indictments in Michigan, Indiana”
  1. Johnny says:

    Check out this website!


  2. Mike McCool says:

    As far as I see it both Canada and the US are mild dictatorships. The US gov is making large off of opium imports from china and most of all Afganistan. Only about 20% of outlaw motorcycle gangs are involved in criminal activity,where our governments are involved in about 40% criminal,and 30% more immoral activity. They make us work and pay, work and pay,for what, bad health care and wars that they don’t fight,all in the name of the free market society,which sucks, and bound to fail. The rich get richer and the poor…..well you know. We are sheep…..so bend over. There is good and bad everywhere. Without the bad, well there would be less need for cops,feds courts,and they won’t let that happen…..its a cash COW…..Big time. Sure they are focusing on the OL’s in dismanteling the Club. Funny how they are hitting the 2nd or 3rd largest not the 1st, with all the MONEY. And they are all about the MONEY…I tell you. They hurt Ontario a few years back by shutting down clubs here. Well after that the drug problem increased by 500%. Everybody is a coke dealer,shootings in Toronto ,well an epidemic. And most of all the H.A. have moved right in. Things are better eh…..bullshit. Before that happened you new who was in the hornets nest. Good going Law enforcement. They should focus more on preventing the drugs(heavy that is) from coming in. But that would rob the Governments and powers that be that CASH COW. So you can guess what is going to happen. I’ve been arround members of this club and well I have THINK ABOUT IT.
    Triumph MIke

  3. Mike McCool says:

    My last comment was cut. It went like this. I have been around members of this club, and I have seen bigger crooks in office and had bigger crooks for bosses. THINK ABOUT IT.

  4. bush wacker says:

    the differents beteween bikers and people in our govurment is biker let you know what there about and who they are and they pull no punches .but people in office lie scam and hide what they really are and what they stand for.and they stick it to hard working people that makes them cowards

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