New 2008 Harley Davidsons are a disappointment

by on July 17, 2007
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I don’t know about you, but I’m REALLY disappointed in the ’08 lineup from Harley Davidson. There are no awesome new must-have colors on any of the bikes I’ve been considering, and in fact the only shiney color on the ’08 Street Bob is black. All the other colors are that God-awful “denim” flat color. (Look, if I wanted to ride a bike in primer, I’d prep mine for re-painting and ride it a season in primer.)

And what the hell is that “Rocker” model? Ugly, ugly, ugly – and again too many “flat-finish” surfaces. (Yuck – give me chrome!!) There must be some pretty nifty advanced engineering in that rear assembly to make the pillion seat hover above the fender like that… I’ll certainly do some reading and figure out what that is, but just based on looks? The only bright-spot as far as I’m concerned is that the 2008 Low Rider still comes in that gorgeous light-blue and black combination. That’s the bike I saw and loved at first sight at the dealership in Sioux Falls, SD, on our way to Sturgis last year. It’s still my best hope for a new bike – only the copper-and-black Sportster 1200 is a second possibility.

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One Response to “New 2008 Harley Davidsons are a disappointment”
  1. Sharlene says:

    We got a 2008 Harley Davisdon Dyna SuperGlide 2 weeks ago, hot of the boat, last one that wasnt presold and it was the exact one we wanted……we love it apart from two major disappointments……what was the exhaust designer thinking when he designed the exhaust, a ‘two into one’ wouldve been way better! or at least shorter pipes! and secondly the pillion seat sits about 2inch above the riders seat with a huge gaping hole in between and it rises at the front, making you feel like your constantly falling back! and it looks rediculis, my [pillion seat is of to be reshaped & sewn in the next week or to!……..other than that its 100% all good. Sharlene New Zealand

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