The giant hamster ball is here!!

by on November 7, 2013
in Misc Updates

Okay remember wayyyy back in 2009 when I gathered a list of “must-have motorcycle accessories” and I included THIS imaginary item:

Voice-activated protective wrap-around bubble – This device deploys much like an airbag in a car, except it is voice-activated. If the rider shouts “Oh SHIT!” in a panicky voice, the bubble deploys and encases the bike and rider in a large see-through “hamster ball” made of indestructible space-age material.

Well guess what: It’s here – or at least, it’s in the works… for cyclists… I wish I was smart enough to embed a video shown on Vimeo, but alas… I am not. Anyway, click the preview pic for the precursor to GIANT HAMSTER BALL (aka “Invisible Bicycle Helmet”):




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2 Responses to “The giant hamster ball is here!!”
  1. KathyW says:

    I just watched a video on this… amazing!

  2. KathyW says:

    No more helmet hair, am I right?

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