Our other car is a 65 Corvair

by on June 29, 2011
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Just thought I would share a few pictures of the 65 Corvair Convertible that’s been occupying my hubby’s time for the past couple of months. He has spent countless hours on bodywork, painting, polishing, trouble-shooting, repairing, fixing, fussing, screwin’-and-gluin’… our whole family is looking forward to the Good Guys Rod & Custom Heartland Nationals this weekend!

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4 Responses to “Our other car is a 65 Corvair”
  1. Tim says:

    Steve did himself proud on this great car! I never owned one, but a friend bought a new one in 66 and I got to drive it a couple of times. Fun car to drive back when I thought driving was still fun, not just a way to get someplace. Very cool car and a job well done.

  2. Corn Dog says:

    Tim, thanks! Steve likes the car quite a bit now that he’s pretty much finished with it, but boy he sure wasn’t crazy about it while he was working on it! LOL We had a great time at the show, I’ll be posting a few photos soon! Thanks for reading!

  3. Scott Howey says:

    Sweet 65! I have a 65 coupe and love it! I bet you got lots of attention at the car show!

  4. Corn Dog says:

    Scott – hey thanks for stopping by! You’re right – a lot of people stopped to look at the car and chat with Steve about it, including several folks from the local Corvair club – a very friendly and knowledgeable group! He worked really hard to get it ready for the show, and we had a great weekend!

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