Remembering warmer days

by on January 10, 2010
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Temperatures here are in the single digits and below zero, and the state’s covered with about 20 inches of snow. It must be time to reminisce a little about some favorite rides from 2009.

Iowa Veterans’ Cemetery Ride – this one included a beautiful Iowa day, an un-planned detour, and a worthy destination. It was just Steve and I for this October jaunt.

When I bought my 1200 Sportster in July, we took a nice ride to the south to test her out. Especially nice day because we were joined by Wade, Coyote and Howard.

Of course the trip to Sturgis was the highlight of the year, and two of those days made my favorites list: the second day on the ride out to South Dakota, simply because of the amazing sidetrip through Badlands National Park; and, the day we went to Sundance, Wyoming and ultimately got caught in the rain. It wasn’t all good riding, but it has become one of my favorite days to recollect!

The Lincoln Highway Bridge ride – not too far away, but a fun day with good road food and an interesting historic site.

How about you? Add a story about your best riding day from the past year in the comments!

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3 Responses to “Remembering warmer days”
  1. Happy New Year, Janet! Thanks for the shout out a few posts back! :)

    I would have to say my favorite ride of last year was the ride to the Freedom Rock by Greenfield. The weather wasn’t that great that day but to me it didn’t matter. Our military and fallen heroes have endured far worse. Seeing the Freedom Rock and watching all of the other riders ride in was an amazing sight. It warmed my heart knowing that the other people there love our country just like I do. From there we rode to the Iowa Vets Cemetary. What a breath taking place. A true honor to the fallen Men and Women of Iowa.

    That Memorial Day weekend will be one I will always remember and cherish.

  2. Corn Dog says:

    Hey Steph, thanks for sharing your story – that cemetery is a really beautiful and reverent place, isn’t it? I remember first learning about the painted rock several years ago when I worked for the Chamber of Commerce here – someone emailed in to the “info@” email address for the Chamber, saying they had heard something about a painted rock in Iowa and wondering where it was. I hadn’t heard of it yet and had to Google it. I was delighted to find out all about it and now I look forward every year to seeing the new paint job.

  3. grammadixie says:

    I have also rode to Freedom rock as the artist was changing it. It is definately a site eveyone should see. My most memorable ride this past year was with a dear friend that we all call grandpa. He turned 80 that day and wanted to lead a ride. He rides a Honda Helix. He lead the way around some of our favorite areas through the loess hills. We had dinner catered in the Moorhead area. It was a georgeous day and ride. I ride with grandpa often. The two of us take off alot just to go for a ride with no particular destination. He loves to ride and some of the others don’t have the patience to ride with him. He doesn’t enjoy high speeds anymore. Although he really scoots along. He would love to meet some of you if you get up our way this summer.

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