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by on October 8, 2009
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Each year, my good friend and riding buddy Holly N. organizes (or helps others organize) an all-women’s ride here in central Iowa. It’s very informal, usually just a bunch of friends getting together for a weekend trek around Iowa and surrounding states. (Although, there are ALWAYS coordinated shirts, which makes it at least semi-official!) I had a blast on the Estrogen Ride in 2007 but have managed to miss out on it for the past two years and have had to settle for living vicariously through stories told by the participants.

Holly was kind enough to take time to write up a thorough report for me on the 2009 ride, which took place in September,  and Vicki D. took some great photos along the way. So starting tomorrow and running through Monday you’ll be able to read all about the adventures these biker chicks had without me! If you were on the ride, I hope you’ll add your comments to Holly’s reporting! And, if you have any photos that you dare share, feel free to send ’em to me for future use!

I’m really, really hoping to make it on this ride next year!

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