Friday Fives: 5 must-have motorcycle accessories

by on April 17, 2009
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Whenever I get a new computer, I always “load it up” with my favorite add-on tools: FTP program, graphics program, alternative browser, etc. And I’m the same with bikes, so today’s edition of Friday Fives presents my must-have motorcycle accessories. Each of these makes riding (especially highway riding) so much more comfortable – I couldn’t do without them!

Windshield – If you plan to do much highway riding (and believe me, most of those “open roads” you’ve heard about are indeed highways <grin>) you’re going to be amazed at the difference having a windshield makes. Not only does it catch the bugs that would otherwise end up in your teeth (you ARE smiling when you ride aren’t you??), it also lessens the wind force hitting your head and chest, making for a much more comfortable ride.

Saddlebags – you don’t give up the need to carry stuff just because you start riding a motorcycle. And I tend to carry a lot of stuff, including my rainsuit, a light-weight jacket, some tools, road map, makeup bag, bike paperwork, etc. If you’re a minimalist, I suppose you could get away with just a fork bag.

Wrist rest product – Again, if you’re going to be on the highway for any length of time, you’ll want one of those wrist thingies that lets you loosen your grip on the throttle while still keeping it wide open. Kuryakyn makes the Throttle Boss that coordinates with its ISO grips; other companies have similar non-proprietary products that work, too. I prefer these to the “cruise control” feature on some bikes – somehow locking the throttle open doesn’t feel safe to me.

Rider backrest – Does it strike you as odd that so many stock two-up seats come with backrests only for the passenger? If your bike’s stock seat makes your lower back or tailbone ache, you’ll want to check out after-market seats that offer rider backrests. The one I bought is made by Mustang. It did raise me up an inch or so, but the increased comfort is well worth it.

Voice-activated protective wrap-around bubble – This device deploys much like an airbag in a car, except it is voice-activated. If the rider shouts “Oh SHIT!” in a panicky voice, the bubble deploys and encases the bike and rider in a large see-through “hamster ball” made of indestructible space-age material. See also: Guardian Angel.

What are your must-have motorcycle accessories?

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7 Responses to “Friday Fives: 5 must-have motorcycle accessories”
  1. wendyvee says:

    lol . . . I’m ordering a voice-actived hamster ball right away : )

  2. Ragamuffin says:

    Hey Janet, your comment about the windshield brought to mind one Sunday a few years ago (pre-windshiel)when DH and I rode our bikes to Sunday morning worship. Almost everyone in our Bible Study was already seated when we walked in with gear in hand. Being a woman who is highly dependent on lip-pooky to keep my lips from drying out, what I didn’t know was that I sat down and smiled good morning to everyone with a nice black bug glued to my lower lip!

  3. Janet says:

    Wendy – “if only,” right?? :)

    Ragamuffin – LOL!! We used to own a particular kind of hot rod car called a T-bucket, it was an open roadster with a little short windshield, and you actually sat up higher than the windshield. I remember coming back from a show one evening and we just got PELTED with june bugs – it was so gross… and painful! I LOVE my Sporty’s windshield! :)

  4. wendyriles says:

    You forgot the most important accessory! ATTGATT, Last Saturday, while on a short hop to the bank, I had an “oh dear, oh my” moment. A few seconds later, I had two broken arms, bruises scratches and a wrecked Ducati (weep).
    What ammeliorated this oopsie was my gear. My riding suit, an Olympia Phanthom saved me from road rash. Bruises heal, rash leaves scars. One glove palm was worn away, the other was torn across the knuckles. The gear that did the best were my boots and helmet. When my foot was trapped under the sliding bike, my tootsie was squashed and dragged. Today it is bruised and ugly, but I will take purple black and green over breaks and no skin.

    As for my helmet, my biggest scare came whe n I heard my lid going “skritch, skritch” on the pavement. When I finally got my lid off, I found scrapes along the side where my face is as the chinbar. I may not be Mrs. America in looks, but I really, really like my face on my face.
    Please, girls wear a full face helmet.

  5. Janet says:

    Wendy, WOW so glad you are okay! I would consider rider’s gear to be accessories for the biker rather than the bike, but even in that post I mentioned that I am not an ATGATT rider. Shame on me… and VERY GOOD for you!!

  6. J Parks says:

    I have never heard of such thing as a “hamster ball”. I am definitely going to check it out. Is this for real????

  7. Corn Dog says:

    JP – LOL!! Of course, REAL hamsters enjoy them all the time on the appropriate scale, but alas here, they are an “I WISH” item only! :) Thanks for reading!

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