First ride of the season – 2009

by on March 15, 2009
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I was bumming today because I put my daughter on a charter bus bound for NYC – missed her before they even left the parking lot, but of course am so glad she has the opportunity to go and do some sight-seeing. Went to breakfast, came home and did some yard work, then decided as the temp climbed above 50 that we’d take the first ride of the season. I’d been out to the garage a couple weeks ago and started the bike, so knew the battery was good and she was ready to go.

We decided to keep it simple, just a jaunt down to Carlisle to see Garry and Shirley (and their new dog, Buddy). That’s a much shorter ride now that we are on the south side of town! It was wonderful to be out, had a great visit (CUTE dog!) and then took a slightly more scenic route home where we skipped the highway and instead wound our way around the Easter Lake area. VERY pretty, slower speeds, less traffic. Seemed like it only took 15 minutes tops to get home, but by then it was cooling off already so good enough.

Heard Kristin, Hollie & Howard were out for a bit today,too – sorry we missed you guys! Where’d ya go?? :)

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3 Responses to “First ride of the season – 2009”
  1. Latina Biker says:

    Oh I forget how horrible it is to have to wait for riding season, I live in nevada now so I can ride year round.
    But I used to live in chicago for 4 years and got to ride barely 3-1/2 months a year lol.

  2. BikerChick says:

    Hey thanks for reading! I wonder if I’d get to the point where I take the weather for granted if I lived where I could ride year-round… I guess if there’s an upside to having an unrideable winter, it’s that I REALLY enjoy spring!

  3. Latina Biker says:

    you have a point there , here its hot and sunny 90% of the time so you get used to not checking the weather and as a result there are times I have been in the rain miles from home, but thats only happened 4 times in ten years. and the rain never lasts that long here.

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