Dude, where’s my website??

by on November 15, 2007
in Misc Updates

Wow, not sure what happened to my WordPress template, but sometime between Nov. 8 and today it disappeared! Guess that’s an opportunity for a re-design, eh?

So while I’m working on that, you all just enjoy this perfectly wonderful picture of Howard & Einstein!

howard and einstein enjoy a ride

UPDATE: 10 minutes later. That was weird, but it’s fixed now. I think I need to learn to develop my own WordPress templates so I don’t have to rely on the kindness of strangers for these free (but possibly unstable?) ready-made themes.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Nov. 18. Dude, WTF?? I check back a few days later and the theme is gone again. I give up. I’m using this temporary “skin” till I can find something that fits the site perfectly.

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3 Responses to “Dude, where’s my website??”
  1. Cassie Smith says:

    Looks like Einstein is having as much fun as Howard is..

  2. BikerChick says:

    Hey Cassie, thanks for reading! I just think this is SUCH a neat picture! Hope to see ya soon! ~ Janet

  3. Gina says:

    Hi there!
    I met you at Buddy’s last week. Just wanted to post so that I can be included on stuff! No More Riding Alone!

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