Labor Day Weekend stuff 2007 (check out the red boots!)

by on September 3, 2007
in Ride Reports

september picture of janet and bikeLabor Day weekend couldn’t have been better, weather-wise… I took Friday off so I’d have a four-day weekend, and it was mid – to upper 80’s and clear blue sky all weekend! On Friday night we went to the final “bike night” in the East Village section of Downtown Des Moines – this is always a great time, with a street dance, lots of bikes, and really good vendor food, not to mention all the usual restaurants and bars in that section of downtown.

I teased my DH because Shirley came up to ride over with us w/o her hubby (who was at a car show in KC) and our neighbors Kristin and Hollie also went… so it was Steve “sweeping” after a group of four women! Susan (Coyote) joined us downtown, so that made 5 gals and Steve – yes he seemed pretty pleased with himself!

Did not do much of anything for the next two days except take lots of naps – LOL, hey it WAS the weekend after all! –  but then today (Monday) decided to go on a lunch ride… our DD rode with Steve – she’s not that into the bikes but she is, once in a while, a good sport! – and we went up to Ames, IA about 30 miles from here and ate at one of my favorite restaurants called Hickory Park. After a great lunch we trekked home – only put about 65 or so miles on the bikes but it was beautiful and we really enjoyed it.

Last couple rides I have been riding in my new red Ariat cowboy boots, instead of my HD’s, and I have really gotten used to them. In fact, I love the way they look and feel – and they have a decent grippy sole so I feel like I have a good footing when stopped. You can sorta see them in the picture above, which my daughter snapped today. These are kind of “interim” boots til I can find a good deal on HD Laredo’s in brown.

I added one new video to the video channel – it’s a cute clip from the movie “Roman Holiday” that I found on YouTube. If you have a neat video you’d like me to link to or post, just drop me an email to let me know!

Also – remember I mentioned we were set to break 12,000 visitors in August? Well the final total was (get this): 13,873!! WOW!! Thank you for coming back here again and again to read my junk – I’m so glad you’re here!

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5 Responses to “Labor Day Weekend stuff 2007 (check out the red boots!)”
  1. Vicki says:

    I just gotta say I love the boots.

  2. BikerChick says:

    LOL well thanks!! :) ~ Janet

  3. Andy Drish says:

    Hey Janet! Thanks for the link love on the other site. And also for the heads up about 4 – Hire. That definitely sounds like something worth doing.

    On a side note, I made it out to Bike Night at Indianola during the second week of the fair… Do you ever make it out there? That place was quite the site!

  4. BikerChick says:

    Andy, indeed Indianola Bike Night is one of our favorite summertime events! We’ve been going there for a couple years now – the sheer number of bikes is amazing! Glad you got to enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by here! ~ Janet

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